About Us

So why bother? 
That's the thought that entered my mind as I started to think about starting this blog. 
Why would anybody even want to read the things which I have written? 
Well that's a good question - why would you want to read this material? I know that there are many web pages and blogs devoted to the subject of being a godly man in a fallen world, but the one fact that I cannot escape is that the Lord has put a passion in my heart to see men in every nation raised up, challenged and encouraged to make a stand for Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
Men, I don't know what all the millions of web pages are saying about what it takes to be a godly man in this broken world, but I do know what the Lord has taught me over the past 12 years, and that is what I am hoping to put down on these blog pages. 
Please feel free to make any suggestions about what I could do better so that I can improve my blog.
So as for me, as I have said already my name is Kieron McGhie, and I was saved from my sin filled life some 12 years ago, and I thank the Lord for that. As a result of that I saw God heal my life, my marriage and my family. I am the father of 4 wonderful children and the husband of a wonderful wife. As I write this blog we are currently living in Yorkshire, in the UK. We have been called here by the Lord and we are currently awaiting further instructions about the next phase of Gods plan for our family. 
As for my calling, the one thing that has stayed consistent since my conversion is my desire to see God glorified through the lives of godly men. The other matter to which I have a strong passion is that the Gospel message be spread as far and wide as possible and at all haste; the time of our salvation is at hand!  So hopefully this blog will be an encouragement to you as we lock shields in the defence of the Gospel and those who serve the King.

If you would like to contact me privately for questions, disscussions, or just for a chat - click on the link below and it should bring up an email log box: